Medical Student Education in Psychiatry

Harvard Medical School campusThe HMS Department of Psychiatry recognizes the vital importance of psychiatric education in the medical student curriculum and plays a dynamic role in the teaching of medical students at Harvard Medical School. In addition to the preclinical course Mind, Brain, and Behavior, and the Core Psychiatry Clerkship, psychiatry faculty and residents actively participate in a variety of required multidisciplinary courses and evaluations throughout the four year curriculum, some of which include the Practice of Medicine, longitudinal seminars in the second year Principal Clinical Experience, and the Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCE). A wide range of psychiatry electives are offered across diverse sites. Psychiatry faculty also serve as research and clinical mentors.

Required and Elective Courses
HMS Pathways CurriculumMind, Brain, and Behavior is a core integrated preclerkship course on the nervous system and behavior. MBB integrates content that was previously covered in separate courses that ran contemporaneously in the curriculum (Human Systems: Nervous System and Behavior, Psychopathology and Introduction to Clinical Psychiatry). The design team for MBB identified core content that needed to be learned prior to the principal clinical year and created class sessions that matched the most appropriate pedagogical methods and teaching settings with the material to be covered. Thus, students learn brain anatomy using hands-on dissection of human specimens, close study of anatomical models, and exercises in clinical neurology; they learn the approach to psychiatric interviewing through both didactic sessions and small-group visits to mental health facilities led by clinical preceptors.

Students participate in the Core Psychiatry Clerkship through the Principal Clinical Experience (PCE) they are assigned to at:

  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) with courses offered on the BIDMC campus and at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center;
  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) with courses offered through BWH/Faulkner and at McLean Hospital;
  • Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) with courses offered on the MGH campus or at the Cambridge Health Alliance;
  • the Cambridge Integrated Clerkship (CIC) at the Cambridge Health Alliance, with a longitudinal experience in psychiatry at Cambridge Health Alliance

Clerkship assignments are available on inpatient units, consult-liaison services, and partial hospital programs. Weekly didactics foster growing competence in the understanding, assessment and multi-modal treatment of individuals with major psychiatric disorders as well as individuals with psychiatric presentations in the context of other medical illnesses. The clerkship emphasizes small group and individual supervision with attending faculty. Standardized expectations and assessments across clerkship sites support uniform teaching objectives while unique areas of expertise and patient populations within each rotation often allow for experiences that enrich a student’s particular interests and goals.

In addition to the required MBB course and Core Psychiatry Clerkship, a broad range of psychiatry electives are available to Harvard Medical students and visiting students, including advanced clinical experiences in inpatient, consult-liaison, child and adolescent, emergency and addiction psychiatry, history of psychiatry, psychosocial oncology and palliative care. For further information, students may consult the list of psychiatry electives in the Harvard Medical School course catalog. Harvard students may also contact the directors of medical student education in psychiatry for assistance in arranging for individualized mentored clinical and research experiences. Visiting medical students are welcome to apply for many of the psychiatry electives but must make arrangements through the Office of the Registrar.

Psychiatry Student Interest Group
PSIG-Klingenstein 2018 Kickoff GatheringAn active Psychiatry Student Interest Group (PSIG) holds lunch talks on a variety of topics. The Group also sponsors informational and social activities throughout the year, including a dinner with Psychiatry Residency Training Directors, various speaker panels, and a Welcome Party for medical students interested in Psychiatry.

To receive Psychiatry-related announcements for HMS events and psychiatry residency application guidance, submit a request here to join the PSIG listserv (eCommons login credentials required).

The junior PSIG medical student leaders for 2022-2023 are Benjamin Gorman and Irene Antony. The PSIG faculty mentors are Todd Griswold, MD, and Gaston Baslet, MD. Students intersted in participating in PSIG leadership should contact the current leaders in August or September.

Donald J. Cohen Klingenstein Third Generation Foundation Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Medical Students attending the KTGF 2018 National Medical Student Conference
Medical Students attending the KTGF 2018 National Medical Student Conference

The HMS Department of Psychiatry is proud to offer selected medical students who may be interested in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry an opportunity to participate in the Donald J. Cohen Klingenstein Fellowship in Child Psychiatry (program info sheet), funded by the Klingenstein Third Generation Foundation.

The Fellowship offers students the opportunity to explore the field of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in a flexible manner. Based on individual interests, students may be connected with general child and adolescent psychiatrists, including residents and faculty, across Harvard-affiliated hospitals with the potential to take part in clinical experiences. It is open to all HMS students with no formal obligation.

Applications are accepted each October. For additional information, including a link to the application for HMS students, please contact the HMS Klingenstein Program Director, Khadijah Watkins, MD [], or the HMS Klingenstein Program Administrative Assistant []. 

If you would like to receive announcments about events related to the HMS Klingenstein program, you can submit a request here to join the Klingenstein listserv (eCommons login credentials required).

Interested students should visit the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry to learn more about careers in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. There is also a Facebook group for the Klingenstein Third Generation Foundation Medical Student Program.

Faculty Teaching Awards

John Sharp, MD, receives the 2018 Kettyle Award
John Sharp, MD, receives the 2018 Kettyle Award
The Department is committed to fostering and highlighting excellence in undergraduate medical teaching among its faculty. The Cynthia N. Kettyle Teaching Award for medical student education in psychiatry has been presented annually since 2004 at the Symposium on Medical Student Education in Psychiatry to HMS faculty members who have inspired medical students by their warmth, character and dedication to medical student teaching in psychiatry and have exemplified for students the vitality and relevance of psychiatry to medical practice. Nominees must be HMS faculty members who have demonstrated in their careers a truly outstanding and enduring commitment to teaching, mentorship and leadership in psychiatric education. 

The Kettyle Award is named in honor of Dr. Cynthia N. Kettyle who served as director of medical student education in psychiatry at HMS from 1993 to 2004 in addition to serving as director of medical student education at McLean Hospital. She is known throughout the HMS community for her efforts to promote excellence in psychiatric education, her exceptional commitment to the well-being and training of medical students, and her tireless dedication to the art of teaching psychiatry.

Cynthia N. Kettyle Teaching Awardees:
2004 Cynthia Kettyle, MD
2005 Mary Anne Badaracco, MD
2006 Alfred Margulies, MD
2007 Christine Kim, MD
2008 Jonathan Alpert, PhD, MD and Steven Schlozman, MD
2009 Eliza Menninger, MD
2010 Robert Goisman, MD and Michael Kahn, MD
2011 Eugene Beresin, MD
2012 Todd Griswold, MD
2013 Stuart Beck, MD and Brent Forester, MD
2014 Donna Greenberg, MD
2015 John Peteet, MD
2016 Lior Givon, PhD, MD
2017 Fernando Rodriguez-Villa, MD, and Theodore Stern, MD
2018 John Sharp, MD
2019 Fremonta Meyer, MD and Michael Mufson, MD
2020 Elizabeth Dunn, MD, and John Fromson, MD
2021 Joseph Stoklosa, MD
2022 Cristinel Coconcea, MD, and Frederick Stoddard, MD

Elisa Cheng, MD, and Alex Keuroghlian, MD, are the 2018 Co-Recipients of the Borus Award
Elisa Cheng, MD, and Alex Keuroghlian, MD, receive the 2018 Borus Award
The Jonathan F. Borus Outstanding Early Career Educator Award in medical student education has been awarded since 2011 at the Symposium on Medical Student Education in Psychiatry to a junior faculty member at Harvard Medical School who has demonstrated exceptional promise, initiative and commitment in the area of psychiatric education. Eligible applicants for the Jonathan F. Borus Outstanding Early Career Educator Award must be HMS Psychiatry faculty members who are in the initial phases of their career (generally having completed residency or fellowship training within the past seven years). Candidates are considered primarily according to the demonstrated quality of their medical student teaching. Activities that provide additional evidence for a significant commitment to medical education are also considered, such as curriculum development, educational administrative roles, or educational research, as well as residency teaching and supervision.

The award is named in honor of Jonathan F. Borus MD, the Stanley Cobb Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry, Emeritus Chair of Psychiatry at the Brigham and Women’s and Faulkner Hospitals, Director of Medical Education at BWH and Co-Chair of the Partners Education Committee, who has exerted a major and lasting impact on psychiatric undergraduate and graduate education. In addition to being a master educator and educational leader, Dr. Borus is known widely for his generous mentorship and outspoken advocacy for generations of trainees who themselves have made important contributions to medical education.
Jonathan F. Borus Awardees:
2011 Dost Ongur, MD, PhD and Giuseppe Raviola, MD
2012 Robert Li Kitts, MD
2013 Scott Beach, MD
2014 Joseph Stoklosa, MD and Helen Farrell, MD
2015 Roscoe Brady, MD, PhD and Fremonta Meyer, MD
2016 Heather Vestal, MD
2017 Gaston Baslet, MD, and Jennifer Greenwold, MD
2018 Elisa Cheng, MD and Alex Keuroghlian, MD, MPH
2019 Justin Chen, MD, MPH, and Christine Wittmann, MD
2020 Joji Suzuki, MD
2021 Naomi Schmelzer, MD, MPH
2022 Adrienne Taylor, MD, and Nhi-Ha Trinh, MD, MPH
Nominations for the Borus and Kettyle awards are solicited in January of each year through the HMS Psychiatry Faculty listserv. View the sample nomination form here.
Nationally, the American Psychiatric Association recognizes excellence in medical student teaching with the Nancy C.A. Roeske, M.D., Certificate. Established in 1990 to honor Dr. Nancy C.A. Roeske—the Certificate is awarded to individuals who have made outstanding and sustaining contributions to medical student education.
Nancy C.A. Roeske Awardees:
1993 Alfred Margulies, MD
1994 Cynthia Kettyle, MD
1995 Susan Block, MD
1997 Sharon Weinstein, MD
1998 Ken Duckworth, M.D. and Michael Mufson, MD
1999 Robert Goisman, MD
2001 John Sharp, MD
2005 Mary Anne Badaracco, MD
2006 Steven Schlozman, MD
2007 Jonathan Alpert, MD, PhD
2008 Thomas Gutheil, MD, and Michael Kahn, MD
2009 Donna Greenberg, MD, and Karen Greenberg, MD
2010 Todd Griswold, MD, and John Peteet, MD
2011 Lior Givon, PhD, MD, and Steve Seiner, MD
2012 Fremonta Meyer, MD, and John Roseman, MD
2013 Xenia Johnson Bhembe, MD, and Robert Kitts, MD
2014 Jennifer Greenwold, MD, and Marisol Segundo, MD
2018 Wes Boyd, MD, PhD, and Gene Beresin, MD
2019 Justin Chen, MD, MPH
2020 Gaston Baslet, MD, Elizabeth Dunn, MD, Marshall Forstein, MD, John Fromson, MD, Masoud Kamali, MD, Raluca Savu, MD, Joe Stoklosa, MD, and Christine Wittmann, MD
2021 Stuart Beck, MD, Claudio Demb, MD, John Grimaldi, MD, Marta Herschkopf, MD, Fernando Rodriguez-Villa, MD, Naomi Schmelzer, MD, MPH, and Jason Strauss, MD

Josh and Barbara Hauser
Josh and Barbara Hauser at the Harvard Psychiatry Research Day and Mysell Lecture
The Stuart Hauser Mentorship Award is given annually to a faculty member(s) at Harvard Medical School for outstanding sustained mentorship of medical students, residents, fellows, and junior faculty in the areas of adult and child psychiatry, human development, and psychosocial research. Read the guidelines for nominating a mentor here.

Stuart Hauser Mentorship Awardees
2008 Robert Waldinger, MD
2009 Jill Goldstein, PhD
2010 Larry Seidman, PhD
2011 Martha Shenton, PhD
2012 Bruce Cohen, MD, PhD
2013 Matcheri Keshavan, MD
2014 David Gitlin, MD
2015 David Osser, MD
2016 Jennifer Moye, PhD
2017 Grace Chang, MD, and Diego Pizzagalli, PhD
2018 William Greenberg, MD, and Thomas Gutheil, MD
2019 John Bradley, MD, Hadine Joffe, MD, and Jeff Huffman, MD
2020 Marshall Forstein, MD
2021 Scott Lukas, PhD, Regina McGlinchey, PhD, Jordan Smoller, MD
2022 Shelly Greenfield, MD, MPH, and Carl Salzman, MD

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